Fifth Harmony in NYC today


laurens moans probably arn’t low and raspy, they’re probably as high as her high notes in going nowhere oMG


Who ships Camren?

before and after joining the harmonizer fandom



Soo I was tagged by the jaureguiismygirlfriend


Rule 1: Always post the rules

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1.Hugs or kisses?

- Kisses. I love kisses. If you meet me someday, dont hug me.. KISS ME

2.Do you become friends with someone easily?

- No, I’m shy af

3.Text or call?

- Hm…. Call


- Penguin

5.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

- Both lmfao

6.Last book you read and review

- Does CC7 count?! If it doesnt then…. Divergent, i think

7.The most recent awkward thing that happened to you

- I dont know, my life is so boring

8.If you met me in real life what would you do?

- Id grab your butt ;)

9.Your favourite song at the moment

- Me by The 1975

10.I wish I… (complete the sentence)

- Could wake up with amnesiaaaaa lol JK. I wish I could meet you :(

11.Tattoos yay or nay?


My questions:

1. Whats your name and how old are you?

2. Pizza or Hamburgers? 

3. Favorite color

4. Do you like club penguin?

5. Damn, Is my pussy gay?

6. Do you like videogames?

7. From 1-10 how gay are you?

8. Describe each member of 5H in one word

9. How much do you love yourself?

10. If you had a gun, what would you do?

11. Tattoo or piercing?


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It’s almost 4am and I’m tired af sooooooo… I’ll do the q&a tomorrow. Byeeee, love you 💙


Camila+her dreams